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 SMART 210

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Design characteristics
Legend (*)
  • A : Floor standing
  1. Control thermostat
  2. Domestic coldwater inlet
  3. DHW recirculationloop
  4. Air vent
  5. Domestic hot wateroutlet 
  • B : Wall hung
  1. Control thermostat
  2. Domestic hot wateroutlet
  3. DHW recirculationloop
  4. Drain
  5. Domestic coldwater inlet
  6. Anti-splash jetnozzle
  • The product range offered can vary according to country. Please consult your distributor.
  • All values indicated on this site are provided for information only. Please refer to our legal notice.
  • The following operating conditions were used to generate hot water output data for our products:
    • Supply water: 10°C
    • Primary water: 80°C (boilers), 85°C (water heaters) or 90°C (HeatMaster)
  • Operating conditions
    Cold water: 10°C
    Delta T° (outlet) : 30°C
    Data provided are indicative only. Please read the complete disclaimer.
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