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 BNE 2 

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Technical specifications (*)

Characteristics Value
 Input max. (heating)  30 / 41 kW
 Output power max. (80/60°C)  36 kW
 Combustion efficiency at 100% load  90,2 %
 Average CO2  13 %
 Pressure drop flue gas  0,17 mbar
 Chimney connection Ø  130 mm
 Capacity (primary)  66 L
 Capacity (total)  186 L
 Heating surface DHW tank  1,1 m²
 Water pressure drop boiler at Δt = 20°C  25 mbar
 Connection - heating  1" Ø
 Connection - DHW  3/4" Ø
 Maintenance loss at 60°C as % of rated value  0,7 %
 Max. operating temperature (heating)  90 °C
 Max.service pressure heating (primary)  3 bar
 Max.service pressure (DHW)  8.6 bar
 Operating voltage (50Hz)  230 V
 Dim. - Width or Diameter (w/o conn.)  590 mm
 Dim. - Depth (w/o conn.)  700 mm
 Dim. - Height (w/o conn.)  1505 mm
 Weight (empty)  204 kg

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  • All values indicated on this site are provided for information only. Please refer to our legal notice.
  • The following operating conditions were used to generate hot water output data for our products:
    • Supply water: 10°C
    • Primary water: 80°C (boilers), 85°C (water heaters) or 90°C (HeatMaster)
  • Operating conditions
    Cold water: 10°C
    Delta T° (outlet) : 30°C
    Data provided are indicative only. Please read the complete disclaimer.
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