ACV, tourné vers le futur



ACV is a brand of Groupe Atlantic

GROUPE ATLANTIC in a few figures

  • 11 600 employees
  • 31 industrial sites
  • 2,7 billion € in turnover
  • A commercial presence on 4 continents
  • 10 Million devices produced per year
  • 21 brands

Founded in La Roche sur Yon (Vendée) in 1968 by two engineers, Paul Radat and Pierre Lamoure, GROUPE ATLANTIC meets essential needs thanks to increasingly eco-efficient thermal comfort solutions.

Our mission: to transform available energies into sustainable well-being.

5 reasons to prefer GROUPE ATLANTIC

  • Essential need
    We meet the essential need for well-being, health and hygiene of our millions of customers in the home and the tertiary sector thanks to our thermal comfort solutions.
  • Eco-efficient solutions
    We innovate, with increasingly eco-efficient solutions. The objective: to respond to the societal challenge of reducing energy consumption and increasing the share of renewable energies.
  • A global ambition
    Our global ambition leads us to deploy ourselves as widely as possible, geographically and technologically, with discernment, so that thermal comfort is accessible to all.
  • Family values
    We encourage all employees to share the family values that have founded us: trust, responsibility and long-term commitment.
  • Constant growth
    We are pursuing constant growth which has enabled us to become one of the European leaders in thermal comfort. How? 'Or' What ? By being close to our customers, by asserting our French origin and by developing our activities in a balanced way.


ACV拥有三大先进生产基地,全部通过ISO 9001认证(2002)。为了提高生产力和保持在全球市场竞争的领先地位,ACV坚定的对生产基地进行持续投资。