Electric Boilers

E-Tech P


E-Tech P 115

Floor standing, heat only electric boiler.

  • One Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • Electric
  • Commercial

# GTIN : 5400891001011
# P/N : 00624301

  • Electricity
  • Boilers
  • Floor installation
  • 3 phase
  • Prepare for a carbon free future with electric
  • Quick installation with no flues required plus
  • Close load matching with four power stages controlled by stage delay timer
  • Robust stove enamelled casing
  • Easy to use controls interface –plug and play setup with pre-wired integrated control circuits
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life high grade incoloy 800 stainless steel heating element
  • An economical alternative to LPG and oil for off-grid locations
  • Ideal to be used as a temporary heat source or mobile heating
  • Suitable to connect to external storage cylinders to produce DHW
  1. Control panel.
  2. Heating elements.
  3. Contactor and safety relays.
  4. Optional controller.
  5. Control circuit.
  6. Main fuses and power connections.
  7. Control thermostat.
  8. ON/OFF switch.
  9. Summer/Winter switch.
  10. Manual reset high limit thermostat.
  11. Overheating warning light.
  12. Minimum water pressure warning light.
  13. Combined temperature and pressure gauge.
  14. Power level indicators.
  15. Optional internal controller.

Constructive characteristics

Capacity (total) 60 L
Max operating temperature 90 °C
Max service pressure heating (primary) 4 bar
Connection - heating 2 F Ø"
Weight (empty) 123 kg

Heating characteristics

Electrical power 28,8 / 115,2 kW
Electrical Resistance (4x3) x 2,4 kW
Output power max (80/60°C) 115.2 kW
Output power min (80/60°C) 28,8 kW

Electrical Characteristics

Number of heating elements 4
Voltage 3x400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Eco Design Data

Seasonal space heating efficiency 37 %
Water heating energy efficiency [hwh] (EU 814/2013 Art 2 (15) Ann.IV-3) N/A %
Sound power level indoors LWA 15 dB
Product Fiche
Dimensions A 1495 (mm)
Dimensions B 567 (mm)
Dimensions C 550 (mm)
Dimensions D 183 (mm)
Dimensions E 542 (mm)
Dimensions F 125 (mm)

Technical brochure

E-Tech P - Installation, operations and maintenance instructions

7.41MB – en

Marketing brochure

Product Guide 2019-20

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Product Fiche

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