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Mary-Jean II

12 berth 62m Luxury Charter Yacht - UNITED KINGDOM

ACV are proud to be adding hot water luxury to the already luxurious Mary-Jean II. ACV have supplied Smartline tank in tank Duplex cylinders and electric boilers to meet the high demands for hot water. Following the successful refurbishment, we had very positive comments from the chief engineer:

“We were already considering ‘tank within a tank’ technology for improving the hot water system on the Mary-Jean II. When we approached the installer and discovered that they were developing a system of this type it seemed like the ideal solution. With our old system four cylinders were required to produce hot water, but with the new system there are only two which makes the operation and maintenance of the system much easier. Moreover the recovery time is much faster than our previous boilers. We have an option to ‘hot fill’ the jacuzzi and now we barely notice after we’ve done it. Previously it was a 30 minute plus recovery time”, said Tom Cumming, chief engineer of the Mary-Jean II.