Heating Only Boiler Warranty

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    1. Cover

    This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship
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    2. Warranty Period (where applicable)

    2 Years on the aluminium heat exchanger 2 Years on all other component parts 2.1 The warranty period begins on the date of delivery 2.2 The replacement or repair of any parts during the warranty period shall not have the effect of extending it.
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    3. Warranty limitations

    3.1 By express agreement, the warranty is limited to the pure and simple replacement of parts acknowledged by us to be defective, or the repair thereof, at our discretion. The limitation excludes indemnity of any nature, including damages caused by people or property. 3.2 The warranty shall only be effective on the formal condition that all work or repairs are carried out by competent personnel holding the relevant certifications. 3.3 The boiler and burner shall be cleaned, adjusted and checked at least once a year by a competent service engineer holding the relevant certifications. Warranty claims will only be considered with full service records. 3.4 The application of the warranty may in no event result in the replacement of the unit, nor the return or reimbursement, partial or otherwise thereof. 3.5 The warranty does not cover servicing and travel costs, which are charged to the user. 3.6 Modifications made to the equipment without the prior written approval of ACV-UK will invalidate any warranty 3.7 The warranty excludes: - Installations by unqualified operatives and out with the accordance of current regulations and ACV installation instructions; - Refractory linings; - Scaling and its consequences; - Accidents due to freezing or other chance events; - Corrosion due to concentrations of chloride in the domestic hot water supply in excess of 125mg/l , <6.6pH, >8.5 pH - Corrosion by water from the central heating circuit and by flue gasses; - Deposits in the flue gas circuits (insufficient maintenance or poor burner settings); - Damage to external finish; - Accidents due to incorrect use, abnormal operating conditions or poor maintenance of the unit; - Corrosion caused by poor quality water within the heating circuit; concentration of oxygen (multiple refills); - Accidents due to malfunctioning of the control or safety devices such as: safety valves, water pressure switches, safety cut-outs; - Damage due to inferior work by third parties; - Faults in the electrical system, connections, voltage; - Failure of the equipment due to improper usage or negligence; - Circumstances in which the buyer has designed all or part of the equipment or has supplied some materials for the manufacture thereof. - Abnormal damage; - Failure to observe the correct filling instructions; - Aesthetic issues of no relevant consequence to the proper functioning of the equipment. - This warranty is non-transferable
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