Smart 600

Fast recovery Tank-in-Tank Cylinder - perfect partner to a condensing boiler

# 06619301

  • External heating source
  • Tanks
  • Floor installation
  • Stainless steel construction - no annode protection required.
  • High quality insulation: 50 mm rigid polyurethane.
  • Easy access control pod with thermostats and six pin plug for simple electrical connection
  • hard wearing polypropylene finish
  • vented or unvented use
  • Mains pressure systempak available
  • Residential or commercial use
  • Can be used in battery formation for higher hot water output.
  • Tank-in-Tank technology


  1. Auxiliary connection DHW
  2. Domestic cold water inlet.
  3. 50mm rigid polyurethane insulation
  4. Primary fluid inlet.
  5. Internal stainless steel tank.
  6. Return connection (primary circuit)
  7. Outer steel tank containing the primary fluid.
  8. Manual air vent
  9. Domestic hot water outlet
  10. Polypropylene lid
  11. Outer jacket, thick polypropylene shell
  12. Polypropylene reinforced base


Capacity (total) 606 L
Heating surface DHW tank 3,58
Capacity (domestic hot water) 445 L
Connection - primary 2 F inches
Connection - DHW 6/4 M inches
Connection - re-circulation / safety valve 6/4 M inches
Primary flow (ΔT10K) do not use 7200 L/h
Pressure drop (primary - ΔT10K) 92 mbar
Max operating temperature 90 °C
Max operating pressure (DHW) 8,6 bar
Max operating pressure (primary) 4 bar
Weight (empty) 238 kg

Hot water performances

Peak flow at 40°C 1345 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 40°C 3437 L/60’
Continuous flow at 40°C 2511 L/h
Peak flow 1st hour at 45°C 2946 L/60’
Continuous flow at 45°C 2152 L/h
Peak flow at 60°C 706 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 60°C 1733 L/60’
Continuous flow at 60°C 1232 L/h
Pre-heating time from 10 to 80°C (Heat source: boiler) 35 min
Max absorbed heat (Heat source: boiler) 88 kW
Operating voltage 230 V
Max design pressure (DHW) 10 bar
A 1901 mm
B 1583 mm
C 255 mm
D 817 mm
Dim. - Height (with conn.) 1901 mm
Dim. - Height (w/o conn.) 1827 mm
Dim. - Width or Diameter (w/o conn.) 817 mm

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