Smart ME 120

# 06624901

  • External heating source
  • Add-on electricity
  • Solar
  • Tanks
  • Floor installation


Capacity (total) 123 L
Heating surface DHW tank 1,08
Coil capacity 3 L
Capacity (domestic hot water) 77 L
Connection - primary 3/4 F inches
Connection - DHW 3/4 M inches
Connection - re-circulation / safety valve 3/4 M inches
Connection - heating element 6/4 F inches
Connection - coil 3/4 F inches
Primary flow (ΔT10K) do not use 2100 L/h
Pressure drop (primary - ΔT10K) 32 mbar
Pressure drop coil 160 mbar
Max absorbed heat (Heat source: coil) 12,2 kW
Corresponding flow in coil 2300 L/h
Max operating temperature 90 °C
Max operating pressure (DHW) 8,6 bar
Max operating pressure (primary) 3 bar
Max operating pressure (coil) 10 bar
Weight (empty) 65 kg

Hot water performances

Peak flow at 40°C 300 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 40°C 938 L/60’
Continuous flow at 40°C 827 L/h
Peak flow 1st hour at 45°C 751 L/60’
Continuous flow at 45°C 673 L/h
Peak flow at 60°C 146 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 60°C 426 L/60’
Continuous flow at 60°C 378 L/h
Pre-heating time from 10 to 80°C (Heat source: boiler) 27 min
Max absorbed heat (Heat source: boiler) 29 kW
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Dim. - Height (w/o conn.) 1457 mm
Dim. - Width or Diameter (w/o conn.) 487 mm

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