LCA 2CO 2000 hh

Glass lined carbon steel tank with twin coil for DHW

# 06635501

  • External heating source
  • Add-on electricity
  • Solar
  • Tanks
  • Floor installation
  • Enamelled tank high quality resistant to thermal shock and high temperature.
  • Exterior paint rust asphalt.
  • DHW output at the highest point of the tank.
  • 2 sockets 1/2 "front provided for the installation of temperature sensors.
  • 3 side taps 2" protection anodes magnesium.
  • Lateral flange Ø 110 or Ø 400 (from 750 L) for the inspection of the interior of the tank and the installation of electrical resistors (optional).
  • Drain centered at the lowest possible total discharge point.
  • Glass wool insulation 100mm classified M1 (non-flammable) with gray envelope flame retardant flexible PVC.
  • 400mm access hole version also available, please contact us for more information


  1. Check hot water.
  2. Handling ring.
  3. Upper coil.
  4. Connection for magnesium anode protection.
  5. Lower coil.
  6. Removable legs for transport.
  7. Handhole Ø110/Manhole Ø400.
  8. Connection for temperature sensor.
  9. *Health connection.*


Capacity (total) 2000 L
Heating surface coil 5,0
Coil capacity 38,0 L
Connection - primary - inches
Connection - DHW 2 F inches
Connection - coil 6/4 F inches
Primary flow (ΔT10K) do not use 3000 L/h
Pressure drop coil 391 mbar
Max operating temperature 95 °C
Max operating pressure (DHW) 7 bar
Max operating pressure (primary) - bar
Max operating pressure (coil) 7 bar
Weight (empty) 500 kg

Hot water performances

Continuous flow at 60°C 1449 L/h
Connection - upper coil 6/4 F Ø inches
A 580 mm
B 2261 mm
C 1888 mm
D 1500 mm
E 600 mm
F 200 mm
G 650 mm
H 1824 mm
J 1467 mm
K 1365 mm
L 600 mm
Dim. - Height (with conn.) 2293 mm
Diameter access hatch 110 mm
Dim. - Height (w/o conn.) 2261 mm
Dim. - Width or Diameter (w/o conn.) 1100 mm
Dim - Height when tilted 2518 mm

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