How do I know if the fire side of the Heat Exchanger needs to be cleaned?

High Flue temperature
High Delta T between flue temp and return water temp (Typically 25-30˚F)
Condensate trap fluid color/condition (esp. if black)
Ignition issues, (hard/delayed ignitions)
Increased fuel consumption
High CO values, poor combustion performance, combustion performance has changed
Discolored / Distorted venting materials
Dirty combustion air i.e.: farm, dairy, Road debris, Salt air
CO detector alarms
Igniter rusty
Warped / discolored burner plate
Corrosion/discolored heat exchanger
Burner plate gasket white in lieu of Red/Orange
Insulation (refractory) or debris on tube sheet-observed through sight glass
Time... How many years has it been?

What is the best way to clean the Heat Exchanger?

Use a mild acid solution – CLR mixed with 50% water, White Vinegar mixed with 50% water Fernox DS-40, rinse with cold water completely. Flush using a cleaning solution with a transfer pump or a sump pump inside of the bucket

What is a E-15 Sensor Drift?

Sensor drift comes about when separation between the supply and return sensor is changing too quickly. This occurs when the burner is operating, the supply temp is increasing but the return temp is not increasing at a reasonable rate. Since your boiler is in lockout, push the up button before you reset the boiler and see that your supply and return sensor are equal.
Normal reason for the drift is a lack of flow through the heat exchanger; either the pump is undersized, restricted, or there's a small air pocket in the top of the heat exchanger. Check for power to the pump, be sure the pump is running, and check the piping for a restriction in the system. Look in the alarm history and see what process the boiler was in when the lockout occurred. See if the flow is halted before the post pump operation has occurred.

What is a E-04?

This error will occur if power to the boiler is lost after a lockout has occurred. The boiler must be manually reset and the original lockout code will be lost. If you push the reset button and an E-4-04 instantly re-appears, the system is in a hard lockout.
To remove from hard lockout; take a metal object and short out the first set on pins on the left hand side, top to bottom for two seconds.

E-99 Communication buss error?

This will occur when the display and the control module stop communicating.
1) Remove all field control wiring. Attempt a reset, if the fault ends, find the problem in the external controls.
2) With the removed field wiring removed if the error remains, remove the X06, the X03 and the nX07 from the boiler in question. Reset the control. If the boiler resets, then we need to know which plug is giving us the fault. At this point contact tech support.
3) With the X06, X07, X03 removed, the fault will not reset, and then replace the control module. If this is part of a cascade system contact Tech Support before you proceed.

How do I gain access to the installer settings?

1) From the home screen, push and release the small round button to the left of the left arrow key.

2) The request for an installer access code will be prompted, this access code is “054”. Use the left and right keys to move the cursor and the up and down to change the digit,

3) Once "054" is entered, you be in the advanced parameters. Use the boiler manual or the Tri-Max control supplement to change the actions.

The Excellence boiler not making enough Hot DHW, What do I do?

1) Be sure that the boiler combustion and temperature indications are correct. See trend sheet for assistance.
2) Be sure that all of the settings in the controller are correct. Refer to the correct manual for setting instructions.
3) Be sure that there is a completely filled tank and boiler heat exchanger is free of air.
4) Remove the actuator head off the diverting valve inside the boiler cabinet. Be sure that the spring has driven the cage completely to the top of the valve. If it is not completely at the top, grab the stem with pliers and apply a small amount of force to get the valve to seat. If the cage moves and seats, rebuild the valve and chemically clean the heating system.
5) Using a 5 Gal. bucket marked 2/3 of the way to the top. With the tank cold, go to the largest tap in the home (normally the bath tub) and open it full. Then close the cold water feed to the water heater to a point that it takes the fixture 1 min to fill the bucket from empty to the mark. This will insure we are not moving more than 3GPM through the water heater.
6) All A.S.S.E. mixing valves will fail to the cold side. If the tank is hot and the outlet of the valve cold, the mixing valve is either fouled or stuck, either way you have to replace the valve.

How do I conduct combustion analyzer testing?

Before we test Combustion, let’s check our Analyzer; Turn “ON” the Analyzer and let it warm up. Hold the probe in the air and read the O2. It should read approximately 21%. If not, the O2 sensor in your analyzer must be calibrated or changed.

Start the boiler and set the boiler into HIGH fire.
Press the round INSTALLER button. Enter the access code “054” press OK. Press the RIGHT button to highlight the Manual Operation icon, press OK. Press the OK button while the FAN icon is highlighted to manually fire the system. Press the RIGHT button and move the slide to 100%.
Remove the cap in the exhaust flue pipe; install the probe of the analyzer into the exhaust flue pipe hole in the flue pipe.
If the O2 reading is above 3.9% turn throttle screw CCW to lower the O2, if the reading is below 3.9% turn the throttle CW to increase the O2. Set the boiler into LOW fire. If you are still in high fire just press the LEFT button and move the slide to 1%.
Check the O2 reading in low fire, it should not differ more then 2/10 of a percent.
If the readings between High and LOW fire differ more then 2/10 %, call Triangle Tube Tech Support.