CIBSE approved CPD seminar

Factors driving material selection for hot water storage products

Are you looking to learn more about the different factors driving material selection for hot water storage products? Then look not further than our CIBSE approved CPD seminar.

Who should attend?

If you’re involved in the management of hot water in commercial buildings, then this CPD training is ideal for you. Public health engineers, mechanical engineers and those responsible for DHW specification would all benefit.

The seminar is of value to both those new to DHW or more experienced engineers.


What will be covered?

This CIBSE approved CPD training from ACV UK discusses the factors and considerations driving material selection for hot water storage products. 

Topics covered include:

  • The different types of water, and how these can vary between regions
  • The effects different water types can have on materials commonly used in the manufacture of hot water tanks
  • The different types of corrosion, and how they can manifest
  • Looking at other factors influencing product material selection
  • Understanding the benefits of stainless steel..

Who delivers the CPD?

ACV has been designing, manufacturing and distributing products for hot water generation for commercial and residential heating applications since 1922. In the UK we formed in 1991 and have been providing the range of long lasting, high performance hot water products to the UK.

Our CPD seminars are free to attend and delivered by experienced and qualified HVAC professionals.


How are these delivered?

Usually we would deliver these at your premises and can also deliver this via Microsoft Teams.

Contact us today to book your free CPD seminar.