Available on every continent, the wide range of ACV products fulfil the requirements of hot water production, in both private and professional applications.

East Logan Farm

Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland - United Kingdom

This large dairy farm with over 230 milking cows, has a considerable hot water requirement for their cleaning processes. Producing milk for Arla foods, The hot water had previously been generated by electricity which was expensive and at times unreliable. The ower of the farm made the decision to install a biomass boiler via installers VG Energy with a SL600 tank which would reduce the running costs of the facility and improve on the hot water production. 'Installing a ACV Smartline Tank improved the quality of our milk by reducing the Bactoscan rating of our milk by 5 points, the scale which dictates the market price and in turn has improved our market position'
Brian Yates - Farmer