Part L changes – ACV are ready, and always have been.

Read more about how our ACV products satisfy the requirements of the new Part L regulations.

The 2021 edition of the building regulations 2010 will take effect on the 15th June 2022, they will not apply to projects already in progress.

Read more about how ACV products satisfy the requirements of the new Part L regulations here.

Why change?

The overall goal is to reduce our dependence and usage of current energy sources as a part of the wider drive towards a lower carbon environment.

The goals of this set of regulations is to increase building fabric standards, improve the efficiency of building services and encourage adoption of low carbon technologies.

What is the impact for heating and hot water equipment manufacturers?

The main impact with the update to Part L is for space heating and hot water equipment, and the phasing out of less efficient appliances using fossil fuels for heating and the installation of direct oil fired or non-condensing water heaters. The Building Regulations will now prohibit the installation of a non-condensing gas-fired water heater into either a new building or an existing building, except under very exceptional circumstances.

What is the impact for ACV products?

No changes for our product range, the ACV HeatMaster Evo, Prestige and WaterMaster Evo all significantly exceed the new minimum efficiency thresholds required for Part L2 compliance

We are ready, and we always have been.