Electric Boilers

E-Tech W


E-Tech W 15 Tri

Wall hung electric sealed system boiler.

  • One Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • Electric
  • Domestic and Commercial
Short Energy Label Heating

# GTIN : 5400891032428
# P/N : A1002090

  • Electricity
  • Boilers
  • label_pose_icon_Wall mounted boiler
Energy Label
  • Prepare for a carbon-free future with electric
  • 3 Phase
  • Reduced maintenance – no annual landlord certification
  • Simple installation anywhere in the building due to no flues needed and quiet operation
  • Can provide dual temperature outputs for different circuits such as radiators and underfloor heating*
  • All components integrated in one unit (10 litre expansion tank, pressure gauge, safety valve, low water pressure switch, pump and automatic air vent)
  • Long life high grade incoloy 800 stainless steel heating element
  • Protection from electrical surges due to built-in 3 amp MCB
  • Integrated circulating pump for speed of installation
  • An economical alternative to LPG and Oil for off-grid locations
  • Compatible with different electrical system types
  • Perfect match for use with external cylinders for DHW
  1. Top Panel
  2. Brass Pocket
  3. Side Panel
  4. Cable Gland
  5. Control Panel
  6. Automatic Air Vent
  7. Heating Elements
  8. Heating Body
  9. Pressure Safety Valve
  10. Rear Panel
  11. Water Pressure Switch
  12. Expansion Vessel Connection
  13. Heating Return
  14. Expansion Vessel
  15. Expansion Vessel Valve
  16. Expansion Vessel Connection
  17. HEP circulating pump
  18. Heating Flow
  19. Manual Reset High Limit Pressure gauge

Constructive characteristics

Capacity (total) 13 L
Capacity expansion tank(s) 10 L
Max operating temperature 85 °C
Max service pressure heating (primary) 3 bar
Connection - heating 3/4 Ø"
Weight (empty) 45 kg

Heating characteristics

Electrical power 9,6 / 14,4 kW
Electrical Resistance 2 x 2,4 kW
Output power max (80/60°C) 14,4 kW
Output power min (80/60°C) 9,6 kW

Electrical Characteristics

Number of heating elements 3
Voltage 3x400 (+N) V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Protection IP IP43
Electrical power requirements 21 A

Eco Design Data

Space heating energy efficiency class D
Seasonal space heating efficiency 37 %
Water heating energy efficiency [hwh] (EU 814/2013 Art 2 (15) Ann.IV-3) N/A %
Sound power level indoors LWA 15 dB
Energy Label
Product Fiche

Technical brochure

E-Tech W (v14) - Installation, operations and maintenance instructions

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E-Tech W - Addendum

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E-Tech W - DHW Kit


Marketing brochure

Domestic products brochure

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Product Guide 2019-20

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Energy Label

Product Fiche

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