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HeatMaster 70 TC

Gas fired Condensing combined boiler and water heater

  • Available in Natural gas and LPG
  • Also available in 25-35-45kW.
Short Energy Label Heating
Short Energy Label DHW
  • label_energy_GAS
  • Boilers
  • DHW Production
  • Standard
  • Concentric
  • Floor installation
# GTIN : 5400891001486
# P/N : 05652401
Label 2
  • Equipped with the ACVMax burner and modbus controls.
  • Total Condensing unit - condenses in both heating and hot water mode.
  • Can provide heating and hot water or can be used as a stand alone hot water generator.
  • Can deliver an exceptional peak and continuous volume of hot water.
  • Stainless Steel domestic hot water tank - no glass lined steel or anode protection required.
  • Space saving footprint - Heating and hot water from one unit reduces plantroom space requirements.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger reduces maintenance and can increase system lifespan.
  • Floor standing boiler with large volume of primary water, ideal for existing heating systems.
  • Multiple units can be linked for larger applications or back up
  • Can be installed along with Prestige heat only boilers or Smart cylinders to provide a perfect solution to your heating and hot water requirements.
  1. Concentric flue gas/air inlet box
  2. Flue gas exhaust tube
  3. Combustion chamber
  4. Stainless steel heat exchanger
  5. Stainless steel “Tank-in-Tank” hot water production tank
  6. Primary circuit separation disc
  7. Indirect water pre-heater
  8. Condensate recovery dish
  9. Insulation
  10. High efficiency circulator pump
  11. NTC2 sensor (CH return)
  12. Pressure sensor
  13. Electrical panel (with spare fuses at the back)
  14. ACVMax Control panel
  15. DHW tank dry well (Dip tube with temperature sensor)
  16. Automatic air vent
  17. Gas pressure switch
  18. NTC1 sensor (CH supply)
  19. Gas valve
  20. DHW safety valve / (T and P relief valve)
  21. Modulating air/gas premix burner with fan
  22. Air inlet

Constructive characteristics

Capacity (total) 315 L
Capacity (primary) 125 L
Capacity (domestic hot water) 190 L
Chimney: Max pressure drop in flue pipe 150 Pa
Chimney: max length of concentric flue pipe 22 m
Chimney connection 100/150 Ømm
Connection - heating 1 ½ F Ø"
Connection - DHW 1 M Ø"
Connection gas 3/4 M Ø"
Connection - safety valve 1/2 M Ø"
Max operating temperature 87 °C
Water pressure drop boiler at Δt = 20°C 9 mbar
Max service pressure heating (primary) 3 bar
Max service pressure (DHW) 8,6 bar
Pressure drop (primary - ΔT10K) 9,3 mbar
Height when tilted 2277 mm
Weight (empty) 298 kg

Heating characteristics

Pre-heating time from 10 to 80°C (Heat source: boiler) 27 min
Reheat time from 40 to 90°C 37 min
Reheat time from 40 to 80°C 18 min
Heating time from 10 to 90°C 47 min


Input max (heating) HCV 77,6 kW
Input max (heating) LCV 69,9 kW
Combustion efficiency 98,1 %
Efficiency at 30% load (EN15502-1) 109,0 %
Efficiency at 100% load (50/30°C) 105,8 %
Efficiency (max output) 80/60°C 97,3 %
Efficiency (min output) 80/60°C 97,3 %
Efficiency DHW mode ΔT 30K 103,9 %
CO emissions max output 34 ppm
CO emissions min output 7 ppm
Mass rate of combustion products (gas) 114 kg/h
NOx weighted (GCV) (EN15502) 33,1 mg/kWh
NOx class (EN15502) 6
Output power max (80/60°C) 68,0 kW
Output power min (80/60°C) 20,9 kW
Output power max (50/30°C) 74,0 kW
Gas flow rate (min output) 2,2 m³/h

Domestic hot water performance

Peak flow at 40°C 716 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 40°C 2455 L/60’
Continuous flow at 40°C 2087 L/h
Peak flow at 45°C 592 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 45°C 2083 L/60’
Continuous flow at 45°C 1789 L/h
Peak flow at 60°C 348 L/10’
Peak flow 1st hour at 60°C 1391 L/60’
Continuous flow at 60°C 1252 L/h

Electrical Characteristics

Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection IP 30
Electrical consumption 210 W
Electrical power requirements 1,4 A

Eco Design Fields

Space heating energy efficiency class A
Seasonal space heating efficiency (35°C) 93 %
Declared load profile XXL
Water heating energy efficiency class A
Water heating energy efficiency [ηwh] (EU 814/2013 Art 2 (15) Ann.IV-3) 85,0 %
Sound power level indoors LWA 60 dB
Energy Label
Product Fiche

Technical brochure

ACVMax - Installers handbook for heating systems controlled with ACVMax (3.06-3.16)

21.45MB – en

HM TC [V13] - Technical manual


HeatMaster 25 / 35 / 45 / 70 / 85 / 120 TC (V15) - Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions

13.00MB – en

HeatMaster 25 / 35 / 45 / 70 / 85 / 120 TC (V15) - Инструкция по установке, эксплуатации и сервисному обслуживанию

10.97MB – ru

HeatMaster TC - Installation, operations and maintenance instructions

5.79MB – en

HeatMaster TC - Technical manual in Russian

5.86MB – ru

Marketing brochure

ACV Guide to Ecodesign and Energy Labelling

969.34kB – en


Energy Label

Product Fiche

BIM Files

BIM Files

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