Jaké jsou nové předpisy evropské unie o ekodesignu, označování energetické účinnosti nebo ERP?

Dne 26. září 2015 vstoupí v platnost nové evropské předpisy o ekodesignu s aplikací na topidla, ohřívače vody a zásobníky teplé vody. Vymezují požadavky na energii („ekodesign“) u těchto zařízení a vlastnosti zařízení uvedených na nových energetických štítcích kategorií „A,B,C,E, …“, které jsou známy u ostatních spotřebičů (ledničky,..).

Wat is the difference / the link between Ecodesign and energy labelling?

The Ecodesign regulations define the energy efficiency ctiteria that products must meet in order to be put on the market in the 28 member states of thev European Union. Products manufactured by ACV are covered bu two regulations :

The energey labelling regulations define the labelling that must be applied to products in order to inform the public on their energy performances. Here also, two regulations apply to ACV products :

In a nutshell, Ecodesign defines which products may be offered in the EU, and energy labelling defines which energy-related information must be provided, and in which way.

Are existing installations affected by the regulation?

No. The regulation only applies to products that are put on the market from September 26th, 2015.

What about "high efficiency" boilers (without condensation)?

These boilers mostly do not comply with the minimum requirements of the regulation, and in such cannot be sold anymore. Affected ACV products are E.g. N and BNE fuel boilers.

Which information must be supplied?

All appliances piut on the market from September 26th, 2015 onwards must bear a product label, which mentions the energy performances of the appliance in a standard way, as well as other information depending of the appliance. The appliance must also be accompanied by a product fiche with specific energy-related information.

What is a package label?

All products subject to the regulation must have a product label.

When a space heater is combined with a temperature control and / or a solar device in order to improve the space heating efficiency, the combination is a package for which a package label must be provided.

The same applies to a water heater combined with a solar device. The combination is a package for which a package label must be provided.

Such a package can be reinforced with a tank and / or an additional space heater.

What are package labels used for?

As an example, take a Prestige 24 Solo boiler from ACV, which has an "A" product label. By adding an RC 300 control, which is Class VII and modularing, the combined package efficiency achieves an "A+", which is mentionned on the package label.

Do a Smart ME solar tank and solar panels make a package?

No. To make a valid package for the domestic hot water function, their must be a water heater in the configuration. Technically, a solar boiler and panels make a solar device.

Let's take a "standard" configuration, with a Prestige gas condensing boiler, an RC300 temperature control, and a Smart hot water tank. What energy labels are delivered?

The Prestige boiler and the Smart tank both have their "product label". The boiler and the thermostat are combined in a package for space heating, for which a "package label" is provided. The Smart tank is not part of this package because is is used for the production of domestic hot water, not to improve the efficiency of the central heating..

Of course, a boiler for central heating and a tank for domestic hot water can be combined and used together, but they do not form a package according to the regulation.