ErP September 2015

From September 26th 2015, a new European regulation came into force for the energy efficiency of boilers producing hot water and hot water storage cylinders.

From this date, the manufacturer will supply specific information on the energy class in the form of an energy label for all products under 70kW and less than 500 Litres storage. Storage tanks higher than 500 litres and Boilers up to 400kW will still require to perform to the guidelines set out in ErP.

What are the new European regulations, known as Ecodesign, Energy labelling or ErP?

From 26 September 2015, the European Ecodesign Directive applies to equipment heating and domestic hot water (DHW), setting new performance thresholds to be reached and the addition of supplying an energy label with the classification A,B,C,D.. with the appliannce. These labels are already well known in households from other energy consuming appliances (fridges, washing machines etc).

What is the difference / the link between Ecodesign and Energy Labelling?

The Ecodesign regulations define the criteria that energy consuming products must meet in order to be marketed in the 28 Member States of the European Union. The ACV products are concerned by two laws:
• 813/2013 for space heating appliances, with or without integrated production of hot water
• 814/2014 for water heaters and hot water tanks (boilers) only used for domestic hot water (DHW), excluding heating

The regulations on energy labelling define how products should be labeled to inform the public about their energy performance. Here too, the ACV products are concerned by two laws:
• 811/2013 for space heating appliances, with or without integrated production of hot water, and packages that consist of these products and a thermostat and/ or a solar device
• 812/2014 for water heaters and hot water tanks, and packages made of a water heater and a solar device

Basically, Ecodesign defines what products can be offered in the EU, while the energy labelling defines what information must be provided, and in what form.

Are existing installations before September 26, 2015 affected?

No. The Directive only applies to products placed on the market since 26 September 2015 .

What about the supply of high efficiency boilers which are not condensing?

These boilers do not meet the minimum requirements of the directive, and therefore can no longer be sold. At ACV, this concerns HeatMaster non condensing, Delta, CA Boilers and N boilers.

What information must be provided with the products ?

All appliances on the market sold from the September 26th 2015 which are under 70kW or have less than 500 litres storage must be supplied with a product label, stating the energy performance on a standardized scale and certain other information, depending on the device type. The appliance must also be accompanied by an information sheet which details certain energy values which combine to give the overall rating of the boiler. Boilers above 70Kw and 500 Litres storage will still have to comply to Ecodesign, but do not have to display a label.

What is a 'Package' Label?

All products covered by the regulations must have a 'product' label.

When a heater is combined with a control thermostat and/ or a device which harnesses renewable energy to increase the efficiency of the heater, this improves the rating of the overall installation, and a revised Package label should be provided.

Similarly, when a water heater is combined with a solar device, the installation constitutes a 'mixed product' for which a Package label must be provided.

The package which is formed can be further reinforced by a cylinder and/ or by an additional heater.

Can you give me an example of a Package label?

Take the case of a boiler ACV Prestige 24 Solo, which is provided with a label product "A". Adding a Class VIII RC300 modulating thermostat with external sensors would improve the energy performance of the over all installation to bring it to an "A +" rating.

Is the ACV Multi Energy tank SLME Smart tank and thermal panels a package ?

No. For a package to be validly constituted for hot water, it is mandatory to include a water heater also.

Consider a typical installation which consists of a gas condensing boiler Prestige, a room thermostat RC300, and a Smartline cylinder. Would that require a package label?

The Prestige condensing boiler and the Smartline cylinder will each have their own product label. The boiler and thermostat are a package, and will have a package label. Although integral to the installation, the Smartline cylinder is not involved in this package because it is used to produce domestic hot water (DHW), and not for the storage of heating water.

A boiler for heating and a cylinder for hot water can of course be combined, but this would not be a package, and no package label would be required.